Great Jokes Still Sound The Same

The Bus IS Parked Around The Corner, As It So Happens


Of course, welcome back and everything Michael...but, do you really think THIS is the place to be dissing magical mystery tours along the roads of success? What's wrong with a good old bus ride anyway!?

Plus, The Love Pavilion Goes To Outer Space has been a long time coming. It's just unfortunate we have no one to drive us. It could be a little risky putting Stu behind the wheel...

Then again - I guess we'd need a space ship for that really, wouldn't we? And as far as I know Stu hasn't trained in that. So far his careers have been:

  • Rodeo Cowboy
  • Mechanic (actual)
  • Mechanic (Life)
  • Limo driver
  • Policeman
  • Blind Person

    So he wouldn't be much use to us anyway. But you know, without us going on any tours, I don't see how we're going to last the week.

  • OH...:


    And it would appear we've set aside our artistic differences and come back...

    Let's just hope the reunion tour bus isn't parked around the corner.

    I couldn't hack another trip to Africa.



    U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own.

    You know, I hated U2 until I went on an imaginary trip to Africa and learnt that famine doesn't need to be depressing. Then I just moved up to disliking them.

    But with this new triumph of a single, I've learnt that liking U2 doesn't need to be depressing. In fact, it can be highly excellent.

    Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own is by far my favourite single of the year so far (and that is actually saying something, because I really like about 7 others as well). It ticks all my boxes for liking a song, ie, it's a ballad.

    At first I thought the bit where it kind of 'kicks in' ruined it a bit, but then I realised, that's U2 for you - sometimes they can't help but get a bit groovy. So now I've decided that every second of the song is excellent.

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    Since we last caught up with Stu, he's been busy saving lives, stealing his best mate's girlfriend, and getting his eyes burned out in a fire!

    Crystal: Hey Stu!
    Stu: G'day.
    Crystal: Let's get straight down to business Stu - what's new in the world of Pop Mechanics? What music have you been into lately?
    Stu: Well, lately I've been really enjoying the Pearl Jam greatest hits, "Rearview Mirror".
    Crystal: But Stu, Pearl Jam suck. Excellent.
    Stu: Of course, I haven't been looking out many rearview mirrors myself lately.
    Crystal: Yeah, it's hard to look through them when you have no eyes I guess.
    Stu: That is true.
    Crystal: It's also pretty dangerous to drive, when you can't see.
    Stu: Yeah...I haven't been for a drive in a while.
    Crystal: How about metaphorically?
    Stu: Oh yeah, I've been on plenty of them.
    Crystal: So you're going to be alright then?
    Stu: ...I don't know, really...
    Crystal: Great! And, er, Pearl Jam?
    Stu: Well, they've come to the end of the road, it looks like, but it was a great ride while it lasted.
    Crystal: Great Stu, thanks. Be careful on your way out.



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